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The Manx Footpaths Conservation Group (affiliated to the Ramblers in the UK) has a policy of not only walking and enjoying our many lovely footpaths across the island, but also inspecting them and reporting any problems such as overgrown paths and badly maintained facilities.

We are delighted to say that we have a close working relationship with the appropriate Government departments and also with the Manx Wildlife Trust.


As you are probably aware many of our footpaths are almost unusable due to lack of finance and Government neglect. At last, thanks to numerous complaints (including complaints from our group) the D.O.I. is acting to remedy the problem.

Some of our members bring their own secateurs with them, when on a walk, to trim back some of the very long brambles that can be hazardous.

So much for the present but what about the future? As we have said before, the situation is bad. Rights of Way are given very low priority, as is their maintenance. Until the financial situation improves this can only get worse. We need to help ourselves if we are not to lose some Rights of Way. In order to achieve this we have started an "Adopt a Path" scheme.

Quite simply it involves you choosing a path that is convenient to you or is a favourite of yours. You then contact Tel: 491976 who will make a note of it and supply the official path number for Government and for your information too.

A periodic check of the footpath is suggested - about every 4-6 weeks, then you report back to us, as to whether it has been attended to, or still needs attention. Any assistance you are able to undertake personally, eg cutting back brambles, or dragging a boot heel  through a cross drain to help drainage, would be really appreciated.

These days with modern equipment available like smart phones or mobiles with cameras and Sat Nav etc. it is easy enough to snap a photo of any damage or blockage etc and send it off to our Footpaths Officer, if possible with a map reference.

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