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Tuesday group enjoying tea & cakes at Peel Golf Club

Hot drinks and mince pies at the end of the Sunday walk




President - Dougie Newton




Jack Verity

Treasurer - Jack Verity

Contact for financial matters
Email :
Tel: 612951


Membership Secretary - Maree Harper

Contact for new and existing membership enquiries
14 Derby Square, Douglas, IM1 3LS
Email :
Tel: 671740


Footpaths Officer  -  David Leiserach

Footpath Queries, Reports of Problems
Tel: 491976

    Other Committee Members :-
Peter Gunn
  Peter Gunn

Contact for general/individual walk enquiries

Lesley Parkington

Contact for Website Enquiries
Tel: 842513


Pat Mudie

Tel: 623825


Rose Cannell




Diana Kouvel

Tel: 315165




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