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Where is it?

January saw the start of our new monthly  WHERE IS IT? competition. Each month there will be a new photograph for you to guess where it is. Look out for the answer here next month... Have Fun!

April's WHERE IS IT? A hearty round of applause please for the first 16... yes sixteen... people to get the correct answer... all at the same time... as the Sunday group passed the Carved Owl in a garden on Rocky Road, Port Erin. Congratulations, you may all take an extra sweetie on your next walk. Thanks Jim for providing the photo.

OK, that was obviously far too easy so here we go with May's photo...Good Luck!




Can I join a walk if I am not a member?

Yes, no problem. Just arrive on the day and try it first before deciding whether or not to join. Visitors to the island are also very welcome to come along without joining.

Do I need to tell anyone if I am coming for the first time?

No, not really neccessary, but it helps us if the leader knows to expect you. If possible contact tel: 671740 and please copy in

How do I join?

Please contact tel. 671740 for a Membership application form, or you can download the Application Form & Standing Order Form & post it to her with a cheque.

How much will it cost?

The annual subscription is currently £6 per annum which can be paid by Standing Order or cheque & is due for renewal on the 1st January each year.

Is it for all ages?

Yes, most definitely as we have walks of all standards and on different days.

What should I wear?

Walking boots or sturdy shoes are strongly advised and bearing in mind our unpredictable climate, waterproofs are generally carried. We advise you to bring a drink and for longer walks, a packed lunch too.

When are the walks?

Information on when the walks are is given in detail in News & Events.

Are dogs allowed?

No, due to the fact that we often walk across farmland.

Am I insured against personal injury?

No, you walk entirely at your own risk.

How do I know where the walks start from?

The walks details are published in the Spring and Autumn each year and sent to all fully paid up members. Lists are also updated monthly on our NEWS & EVENTS pages. There are also lists available in libraries and other places around the Island. All walks finish at the starting point, unless otherwise stated for a linear walk, when arrangements are made to get you back to the start of the walk.

Disclaimer and Information:
Walkers are reminded that they participate at their own risk and should keep behind the leader

This disclaimer is found under the logo on all walks lists and we ask that leaders remind all participants of this before starting each walk.

Walkers to keep to the right on all public roads (unless common sense dictates otherwise) and not deviate from the way-marked footpaths
Please refer to notes column for information
Dogs are not permitted
Difficulties such as broken stiles or blocked Rights of Way should be reported to the Footpaths Officer David Leiserach at or Tel: 491976.




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