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Sit awhile and enjoy the view

Tuesday Group heading down to Ballaugh




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Dungannon Ramblers

The New Year brings  new friends. We are very pleased to tell you that a group from the Dungannon Ramblers have asked us to organize some walks for them in May.  They will be arriving on Wednesday the 9th  and leaving on Saturday 12th. We will be putting together two longer walks for the Thursday and Friday and a shorter one for the Saturday and  we are looking forward to showing them our beautiful Manx countryside and giving them a very warm Manx welcome.  They have also very kindly offered to return the favour should our group ever visit their area.  Thank you Dungannon.


Ramblers Association Holidays

Did you know?...That the MFCG is affiliated to the Ramblers Association. When you book a walking holiday through the Ramblers Association and you say that you belong to an affiliated walking club they will pass on a small sum of money to the club. It costs you nothing extra and it benefits YOUR club.

Locals strayed onto restricted land

Two local motorcyclists have been heavily fined for being in a prohibited area. They were caught riding on DEFA land at Sky Hill in Ramsey without permission.  In addition to being fined a total of £1,000 by the courts, the pair have had their competition licences suspended for six months by the Auto Cycle Union. ACU General Secretary Gary Thompson says as the British governing body for motorcycle sport, the organisation takes illegal riding seriously, as it brings the sport into disrepute.  He says the ACU will continue to work with landowners and police to stamp out such behaviour.


The following MAJOR footpaths have been temporarily closed

Oooo! this looks promising... Improvements are being made to the Heritage Trail from Peel Power Station and the weir near Glenfaba Bridge.  A spokesman for DoI said "One of the main objectives of the Heritage Trail Scheme is to improve the surface in order to attract more users, pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders & people with limited mobility. Be wary of moving machinery on the trail during this 10 day period".  For full article see Examiner dated 13th March page 4.  (Does this mean that the whole stretch from Peel to Crosby will be repaired soon DoI- we can but hope!!!)

DEFA - Hills, Forests & Glens-12 March at 10:56
The Directorate wishes to advise the public that the left hand path at Bishopscourt Glen is currently closed due to ongoing works. We will advise when the path has re-opened. Many thanks for your patience and co-operation.

The path from Niarbyl to White Beach is closed due to landslip.
The byway known as 'The Dowse' (map ref: 304828 to 285824) is closed due to serious erosion.

(n.b. Niarbyl to White Beach and the Dowse are initially closed for 6 months. However, at the end of that period they will  possibly be closed for a further six months.  No work is being done or is planned on either route).

Public Right of Way(PRoW) No. 409 - Patrick - from Shore Road Glen Maye to PRoW 123 (Glenfaba to Peel Hill) - closed for safety reasons until 15 March 2018.  THIS IS THE RAAD-NY-FOILLAN from Glen Maye to Peel Hill. 

PRoW 406 - German - Mourne View Lane to PRoW 518 Cass Stroann - closed for safety reasons until 15 March 2018. THIS IS ALSO THE RAAD-NY-FOILLAN.  (From Peel to Lhergydhoo northwards)

Arial images of all of the above closures show that the ground local to the collapses is in a very dangerous condition. MFCG members should NOT go onto areas where there is a closure, it is there for a very good reason.

Although they are both subject to closure until 15 March 2018 that does NOT mean they will definitely be open on 16 March !!!  Further closures may be required.

Manx Utilities is refurbishing the sewage works at Ballagarey in Marown. Because of this the Heritage Trail will be closed between Glen Darragh Road towards Union Mills up to the private access way to Glenlough Campsite until  approx. June-July 2018. The main road from Douglas to Peel is the only option to bypass the site.
n.b. The Heritage Trail at Ballagarey will now be opened at weekends (Sat 2pm to Mon 7am). DoI thanks  everyone for their patience whilst they continue to work on upgrading this essential sewerage infrastructure - due for completion in July 2018


DEFRA - Hills, Forests & Glens
The Directorate would like to advise that Glen Helen is now open to the public.
There will be signage erected warning of possible falling debris. Please take care in the area.

For further details the contact number for DoI is 850000






Subscriptions are due 1st January each year payable to the Manx Footpaths Conservation Group and will remain at £6 for this year. Please post cheques to Maree Harper at 14, Derby Square, Douglas IM1 3LS. You can click on the following bold links to download the Membership Application Form & Standing Order Form.


Annual General Meeting

The 2018 AGM will be held on Wednesday 21st March at 2pm at the Tynwald Inn, St. John's. Our current Chairman, Brian Beattie and Secretary Geoff Gelling have indicated that due to other commitments they do not wish to stand for re-election in March so if you are interested in fulfilling either of these positions please give it some thought over the next few months. A Notice of AGM and Nomination Form can be found by clicking on the bold links. Why not join your friends and enjoy lunch at the Tynwald Inn before the AGM begins?


Isle of Man Hills Walks Book  - Important Addendum

Walk No 9  -  Pages 24 and 25

Please note that this walk crosses private land.  If you would like to walk this route, please contact the landowner, Mr Corlett (Tel No: 812160 / Mobile: 480338) for permission beforehand.


Should any member/visitor to the Isle of Man encounter problems with any public footpath, ie overgrown, broken gate/stile etc, please could you e-mail David Leiserach, Foothpaths Officer at It would be most helpful if you could also include a photograph and any details that will help identify the public footpath and/or position of the gate/stile etc.


We would like to update the website photographs on a regular basis and would be pleased to receive photographs from members. If you are happy for your photograph to be used by MFCG on our website, please email it to (Tel:437978), including the place and date of the photograph. Thanks go to members for providing photographs from our walks. They are always greatly appreciated.

MFCG Badge 

MFCG has created its own badge which is free to current MFCG Members.
Badges are also available to buy for £1.00 each.
Please contact a Committee Member for further information.



Newsletters are distributed in Spring and Autumn each year to all fully paid up members, together with the Walks Programmes  for Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with the addition of Wednesday evenings in the summer period.  Subscriptions are £6 per annum, payable before 1st January each year. Membership Application forms can be downloaded by clicking the following: Membership Application form & Standing Order form or contact our membership secretary or tel: 671740.

Walks Programmes

We are almost at the end of the Winter Walks Schedule and looking forward to some fabulous summer walks. The summer lists are being compiled as we speak so if you would like to lead a walk please give the details to the relevant co-ordinator asap to ensure you get your chosen date. Could all co-ordinators please return your completed lists to by Friday 6th April latest.
Bob Garrett will be compiling Tuesday's Walks, Gill Percival - Saturdays, Peter Gunn - Sundays, Peter Hulley - Thursdays and Brian Beattie - Wednesdays.   Our sincere thanks go to those mentioned above and also to Tony Archibald for all their hard work. Thanks also to all the walk leaders without whose knowledge and experience the walks could not happen. The 2018 Winter Walks Programme is available from

All walks are open to all walkers but please choose walks that will suit you. Please bring Bus or Railway Passes, Travel Cards or Cash for walks which start with a train, tram or bus journey. Also please bring a packed lunch and a drink for all day walks. Leaders who are unavailable please arrange a replacement.





The Ethiopian ‘Treckers’ would like to give sincere thanks to all their very generous MFCG sponsors who helped them raise in excess of £2600! After the success of 2017’s fundraising Trek MFCG member Kevin Christian is organising a repeat of the adventure in November this year. If anyone is interested in taking up the challenge they should contact Kevin on 442118 or email


Member’s Favourite Walks

If you have a favourite Island walk that you would like to share with others please email details to for inclusion on the website.






Walkers are reminded that they participate at their own risk and should keep behind the leader. This disclaimer is found under the logo on all walks lists and we ask that leaders remind all participants of this before starting each walk.

Walkers should keep to the right on all public roads (unless common sense dictates otherwise) and not deviate from the way-marked footpaths.
Please refer to notes column for information.

Walking boots or stout shoes and wet weather gear are advised.

Please bring a Travel Pass or Money for walks which start with a train, bus or tram journey.

Dogs are not permitted.

Difficulties such as broken stiles or blocked Rights of Way should be reported to the Footpaths Officer, David Leiserach at or tel: 491976. If you have a camera or phone please take a photo and note the location.

Sunday Walks Approximately 5-6 miles, about 3 hours, finish approx 4:30pm.
Tuesday Walks Approximately 7-8 miles, about 5 hours, finish approx 3:30pm. Please bring a packed lunch and drink. 
Wednesday Walks Approximately 4 miles, about 2 hours, finish approx 9pm.
Thursday Walks Approximately 3 miles, about 2 hours and are generally followed by an optional pub lunch. Enquiries to Tony Archibald (411039)  or Peter Hulley (837839).
Saturday Walks

The first Saturday of the month is between 8-10 miles, about 5 hours, finishing approx. 4.00pm. The 3-4 remaining Saturdays are decided ad hoc at the end of the walk on the previous Saturday so should be shown on the walking programme below by the following Monday. These walks may be slightly longer distances and possibly over rough ground. Please bring a packed lunch and drink.
Enquiries to tel: 817535.


A useful website for information on Holidays, Events, Things to See and Do, Places to Visit and Travel and Accommodation is

This month’s walking programme:-

NB:  Please check all start times

Date Time Assembly Point Map Ref

Mar 21

2:00pm CLUB AGM Tynwald Inn, St. John’s  
Mar 4 1:30pm Fenella Beach Car Park, Peel 241844
Mar 11 1:30pm Port Erin Fire Station Car Park 199689

Mar 18

1:30pm Ballaugh One-stop Shop, Station Road 347935
Mar 25 1:30pm Begoade Road Picnic Site 413815
Apr 1 1:30pm Ramsey Hairpin 449935
Mar 6 10:30am St. John’s Old Railway Station 278816
Mar 20 10:30am St. Mark’s Church 296740
Apr 3 10:30am Glen Helen Car Park 295844
Mar 1 10:30am Ballaglass Glen Car Park 467898
Mar 8 10:30am Foxdale School 282781
Mar 15 10:30am Ayres Visitor Centre 435038
Mar 22 10:30am

Kentraugh Back Road

Mar 29 10:30am

Silverdale New Car Park

Apr 5 10:30am Port Grenaugh 316704
Mar 10 10:30am St. Mark’s Church 296740
Mar 17 10:30am Glen Mona 453887
Mar 24 10:30am Cringle Reservoir 253743
Apr 7 10:30am Kallow Point, Port St. Mary 207671

All remaining Saturdays in the month are decided ad hoc at the end of the previous Saturday's walk so should be listed by the following Monday.
Enquiries to or tel: 817535

If you would like to lead a walk please give the details to the relevant walks co-ordinator asap
Could walks co-ordinators please return your completed lists to
by Friday 6th April latest, thank you


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