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A wet start from St. Lukes

A full house for our Carol Service



This month’s walking programme:-

NB:  Please check all start times

Date Time Assembly Point Map Ref
Happy New Year everyone!
A gentle reminder…subs are now due…thanks
Jan 6 1:30pm Colby Bridge (Station Road) SC 232700
Jan 13 1:30pm Groudle Glen Lower car park SC 420784
Jan 20 1:30pm Glen Maye car park (old Waterfall Hotel) SC 236798
Jan 27 1:30pm Sulby Claddagh (bridge end) SC 385940
Feb 3 1:30pm Peel Promenade, (North end) SC 250845
Jan 1 10:30am Scarlett car park New Year’s Day SC 258666
Jan 8 10:00am Queen's Pier, Ramsey. Note early start for car share to Black Hut. Queries to James on 424398. SC 456941
Jan 15 10:30am Gob ny Rona, Port Lewaigue SC 469929
Jan 29 10:15am Port Erin British Legion car park   (note early start for 10:25am bus. Please bring cash or pass) SC 199689
Feb 5 10:30am Ballaugh One-stop shop SC 347935


Feb 6 7:30pm Special Interest Talk – ‘The old ways are the best’ with Andrew Johnson. Mylchreest Court, Peel SC 249836
Jan 3 10:30am Gardener’s Lane (North) SC 442951
Jan 10 10:30am Earystane SC 235715
Jan 17 10:30am Car park between Fire Station & Quarterbridge pub, Peel Road, Douglas SC 367761
Jan 24 10:30am Colby Bridge, Station Road SC 232700
Jan 31 10:30am Glen Mona Hotel, Maughold SC 453887
Feb 7 10:30am St. John’s Old Railway Station SC 278816
Jan 5 10:30am Foxdale School SC 282781
Jan 12 10:30am British Legion car park, Port Erin SC 199689
Jan 19 10:30am Glen Wyllin Campsite car park SC 311905
Feb 2 10:30am Groudle Glen lower car park SC 420784

Enquiries to tel: 491976



Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday walks will include rugged, unsurfaced rural and coastal paths and possibly rough/hilly terrain. Walking boots/shoes are essential and wet gear if necessary for ALL walks.

Sunday Walks Up to 6 miles, about 3 hours, finishing approx. 4.30pm. A drink is advised.
Tuesday Walks Up to 8 miles at a leisurely pace, about 5 hours, finishing approx. 3.30pm.  Please bring snacks and a packed lunch and drink.
Wednesday Walks Up to 5 miles at a leisurely pace, about 2 hours, finishing approx. 9.30pm. A drink is advised.
Thursday Walks

Usually 2.5 – 3.5 miles, about 2 hours, finishing approx. 12.30pm. Followed by optional lunch.
‘F’ grade walks (relatively flat).
‘M’ grade walks for reasonably fit people with a little country walking experience. Will include unsurfaced, rural and coastal paths. A drink is advised.
‘H’ grade walks for reasonably fit people with a little country walking experience. Will include unsurfaced, rural and coastal paths and possibly some steeper terrain. A drink is advised.

Saturday Walks

These walks are a little more strenuous and require a certain amount of fitness.  First of the month walks are between 8-10 miles, 5 hours, finishing approx. 4pm. The 3-4 remaining Saturdays are between 10-13 miles, about 6 hours finishing approx. 4.30pm. There could be sustained ascents/descents in remote areas. Participants need to be able to climb hills and keep up with the pace of the party. Please bring snacks and a packed lunch and drink.
Enquiries to tel: 491976.




Walkers are reminded that they participate at their own risk and should keep behind the leader. This disclaimer is found under the logo on all walks lists and we ask that leaders remind all participants of this before starting each walk.

Walkers should keep to the right on all public roads (unless common sense dictates otherwise) and not deviate from the way-marked footpaths.
Please refer to notes column for information.

Walking boots or stout shoes and wet weather gear are advised.

Please bring a Travel Pass or Money for walks which start with a train, bus or tram journey.

Dogs are not permitted.

Difficulties such as broken stiles or blocked Rights of Way should be reported to the Footpaths Officer, David Leiserach at or tel: 491976. If you have a camera or phone please take a photo and note the location.


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