Manx Footpaths Conservation Group

Walks Cancellation Policy

After recent storms, the committee would like to advise and confirm to members the policy regarding the pre-cancellation of a planned walk.

Walks must only be cancelled prior to the day of the walk in exceptional circumstances and/or if a official amber weather warning, or higher, has been issued from the Isle of Man Government. These are warnings that advise risk of injury or danger to life or advise against any unnecessary journeys – Walks will be cancelled if this warning coincides with the timing of the walk.

In the case of a yellow warning, the leader of the day should considering amending their route to avoid potential exposure to the elements eg keep low during high winds or avoid coastal areas where overtopping is predicted. The leader should go to the start point as normal and discuss with those members who have arrived various options, these might include carrying on the walk as normal, going for a coffee to see what the weather does or reducing the days walk length or all agreeing to not walk – The leader will discuss these options and will select the popular decision.

For information on the Islands weather warning system –

If a walk leader thinks that a walk should be cancelled due to exceptional circumstances then they must contact a member of the committee for advice.

Apart from the wonderful physical benefits that our walking brings, the committee understands that many of our members appreciate the added benefits of social interaction and actively encourage that on days of poor weather, walks go ahead wherever possible or members meet up and enjoy each others company with a coffee and a catch-up.

Any leaders or members with any concerns then please contact a member of the committee.

Happy Walking