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Welcome to our website. The MFCG invite you to join us for up to three wonderful ‘taster’ walks across the beautiful Isle of Man before deciding if you would like to become a member.

The Manx Footpaths Conservation Group was established in 1991 as an independent group following the winding up of the Manx Conservation Council which had been formed in 1970 as a contribution to European Conservation Year.  The Council was concerned with environmental matters and comprised various specialist sub groups relating to footpaths, town and country planning and natural resources and energy, all under the supervision of a central administrative committee.

The Group’s activities are a continuation of the original objectives of the Footpaths Group of the Manx Conservation Council.  In the early years, the group worked closely with the Highways Authority to press for the implementation of Public Rights of Way legislation and to establish a record of Public Rights of Way throughout the Island.

The group has produced a number of walking books for sale, originally written by the late Harry Woodworth, who founded the group with his wife Marjorie. There are four books in total. The first, published in May 1973 was Manx Hill Walks which included the following quotation '' to unlock the treasures of the Island heart with loving feet to trace each hill and glen and find the ore that is not for the mart of commerce. This is all I ask''  by T.E. Brown. The following three books are - Short Walks Southern Section,  Short Walks Northern Section and Manx Holiday Walks. The books have been subject to various revisions and reprints to reflect the changing nature of the countryside.

Each book contains various walks with corresponding maps and map references, directions and photographs pertaining to each individual walk. The books are designed specifically to fit inside a map case, which can be worn whilst walking.  The route of each walk is superimposed onto these maps, therefore making it easier to follow the written text. Our grateful thanks go to the Mapping Division of IOM Government, who produced all the maps in these books.

N.B. There is an important addendum to the Isle of Man Hills Walks book. Please note that this walk crosses private land. If you would like to walk this route please contact the landowner, Mr. Corlett (Tel: 812160/Mobile 480338) for permission beforehand.

The books are on sale at various outlets around the Island at a cost of £4.95 each. They are also available online through Lily Publications - and are shown below.

We continue today to extend a very warm Manx welcome to residents and visitors alike and operate a year round programme of guided walks and events. The cost of joining the group is £6.00 per year, but please remember walking accidents can happen and you walk entirely at your own risk.

Subscriptions are due 1st January each year and will remain at £6 for 2019 payable to Manx Footpaths Conservation Group. Please post cheques to Maree Harper at 14, Derby Square, Douglas IM1 3LS. You can click on the following bold links to download the Membership Application Form & Standing Order Form.

If you are visiting the Island you can view this month’s walks list on our Walks page.  Enquiries to tel: 491976.





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