Manx Footpaths Conservation Group (MFCG) was originally established in 1971 under the auspices of the Manx Conservation Council and in the early years was involved in lobbying for the implementation of Public Rights of Way legislation and establishing a record of these paths, bridleways, and greenways throughout the island. 


Following the dissolution of the Manx Conservation Council in 1991, the group became an independent unit creating its own Constitution. The aim of the group is to encourage recreational walking on footpaths, tracks, and moorland and to ensure that the right to ramble freely continues on the designated areas of mountain, hills, and open moorland. MFCG is affiliated to the Ramblers Association.


MFCG retains its links to conservation through its relationships with the Government Departments including Department of Infrastructure, Department of Environment, Fisheries and Agriculture, and Department for Enterprise. Our Constitution states that we regularly walk the registered paths to check for obstructions, lack of stiles, broken gates, and other concerns. The MFCG Footpaths Officer is responsible for reporting these issues to the appropriate authority and provides updates on path repairs and closures at regular intervals


Since its foundation MFCG has produced 4 walking books which are on sale at various outlets across the island and through Lily Publications (

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