Author: MFCG

Dear MembersThe MFCG committee met virtually on Saturday morning to discuss the upcoming AGM and the likelihood of extended circuit breaker restrictions.The AGM, which was to be held on Thursday 25th March, has been postponed till Thursday 27th May 2021. Resolutions and committee nominations will remain the same from the previous notice, but the period of notice to reply to the Secretary has been extended to Wednesday 19th May.In light of the Island uncertain Covid-19 status during this coming Summer and Autumn,  sadly the committee has decided to cancel the planned 50th Anniversary Social Events planned for this year. Once current restrictions and government advice have been changed to allow the continuation of all MFCG walks, notification will be given to as soon as practicably possible for resumption.The committee wishes to send our best wishes to all the members and we all look forward to starting our groups walks again. Stay SafeCommittee -

The committee are looking for someone to take over the compilation of the summer and winter walk schedules. This role does not require you to join the MFCG committee although we are always looking for proactive members to help with the running of the group. If you are interested, please contact the membership secretary (details at the top of the page).

After many years of magnificent service our current Membership Secretary is stepping down from her role for a well deserved rest. The MFCG committee would like to hear from any member who would be interested in taking over this important position which involves the administration and control of club membership matters. For more information please contact the MFCG secretary (contact details at the top of this page)

Dear Member I hope this newsletter finds you all well during these trying days. I am sure that a positive and brighter 2021 will soon reveal itself. The current lockdown and restrictions have proved successful with no active community cases and consequently the Government will be easing all restrictions on Monday 1st February. This will again allow the resumption of gatherings in larger numbers. A decision has been made by the committee of MFCG that our walk programme will resume in full on Saturday 6th February. This will allow us a few days grace for all our members to feel confident to move about freely, feel safe and confident in groups after the current restrictions. Leaders will be asked to take a handwritten note of all participants on each walk in case we are faced with the unlikely event of a requirement to track and trace.  This can easily be achieved with cooperation from everyone

Despite our best efforts of safety, being careful and looking out for each other, unfortunately on rare occasion, accidents and incidents do happen, when we are all out walking. In an emergency, a very quick dynamic assessment will deduce if we need to call the emergency services, here on the island that will connect us to the emergency joint control room and one of the vital initial pieces of information they require is ‘ What’s your location?’ A number questions now confront us and the quicker we reply with this information, the quicker the correct emergency services can be dispatched.Postcodes, road names, house numbers and a gird reference are all valid options, especially the latter, if the incident is in a remote location but new options of digital applications are now available and are used here on the island by our first response emergency teams. What3Words (been heavy publicised recently) is a downloadable