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Re: Change of VenueDue to circumstances beyond our control the 2021 AGM has had a change of venue.The upcoming Manx Footpath Conservation Group AGM on Thursday 27th May will now be taking place at Peel Golf Club starting at 7pm.The committee look forward to members attending proceedings and join us for light refreshments on the conclusion of the evenings formal business. Best wishes Committee Manx Footpath Conservation Group

The Chief Minister announced yesterday that legal lockdown restrictions are to be removed at midnight on Monday 19th April. The committee have been meeting virtually during this extended period of restrictions and all agreed that the MFCG walking programme should recommence  as soon possible when permittable. This therefore allows our  first walk to take place on Tuesday 20th April starting from Cringle Reservoir. This extended period of lockdown has been difficult for many of us and it will be a pleasure to be able to join up with MFCG members and enjoy all the benefits that come with walking  in our beautiful countryside. Please feel most welcome if you wish to do so to socially distance or wear a face covering whilst out walking with the group, however this is not mandatory; we will all feel differently when it comes to our own personal confidence with the easing of restrictions. I look forward to

Dear Member I hope this newsletter finds you all well during these trying days. I am sure that a positive and brighter 2021 will soon reveal itself. The current lockdown and restrictions have proved successful with no active community cases and consequently the Government will be easing all restrictions on Monday 1st February. This will again allow the resumption of gatherings in larger numbers. A decision has been made by the committee of MFCG that our walk programme will resume in full on Saturday 6th February. This will allow us a few days grace for all our members to feel confident to move about freely, feel safe and confident in groups after the current restrictions. Leaders will be asked to take a handwritten note of all participants on each walk in case we are faced with the unlikely event of a requirement to track and trace.  This can easily be achieved with cooperation from everyone