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MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING at MYLCHREEST COURT, PEEL 2 pm Monday 8th November 2021 Those Present: Ken Harding – KH, Lesley Parkington – LP, David Leiserach – DL, Jack Verity – JV, Peter Gunn – PG, Peter Corkish – PC, Pat Mudie – PM. 1. Apologies: Apologies were received from Gill Smith 2. Minutes of the previous meeting: having been circulated beforehand, were approved, and signed by the Chairman, Ken Harding. 3. Matters Arising from previous meeting: • KH has written to Miles Cowshill of Lily Publications to request a meeting to discuss the percentage MFCG receives from the sale of walking books. To date he has not received a reply. • KH asked LP if we had heard from the ‘Keep in Touch’ group in Ramsey regarding a talk about the history of the MFCG. LP replied that she has put ‘K.I.T’ in touch with DL who will do the talk in September 2022. PM suggested having the same talk as