General Updates

Firstly, a huge welcome to all our new members who have joined us over the summer, and I am sure you will enjoy the fellowship and endless benefits that come from exploring our beautiful Island on foot with MFCG. It’s been a pleasing summer with a full programme of walks for all to enjoy and, although things are still a little strange in the world, it is lovely to be able to walk in our groups with a sense of relative normality. I thank all of you who have made the summer productive with some super attendance numbers. Of course, all the walks would not be able to take place without the enthusiasm , knowledge and kindness of our walk leaders and co-ordinators. On behalf of myself and the rest of the membership I thank you; without you MFCG would not be able to offer such a fabulous and comprehensive programme for everyone. The committee has continued to

Dear Member I hope this newsletter finds you all well during these trying days. I am sure that a positive and brighter 2021 will soon reveal itself. The current lockdown and restrictions have proved successful with no active community cases and consequently the Government will be easing all restrictions on Monday 1st February. This will again allow the resumption of gatherings in larger numbers. A decision has been made by the committee of MFCG that our walk programme will resume in full on Saturday 6th February. This will allow us a few days grace for all our members to feel confident to move about freely, feel safe and confident in groups after the current restrictions. Leaders will be asked to take a handwritten note of all participants on each walk in case we are faced with the unlikely event of a requirement to track and trace.  This can easily be achieved with cooperation from everyone